Service Changes due to Flooding

Due to flooding and road closures, Yakima transit will not be picking up any passengers between 72nd and nob hill to 72nd and Washington. 40th and Fruitvale northbound and southbound is closed.


Route 5 & 2 are disregarding Washington, Just using Nob Hill.


Routes 9, are taking a right on 40th and Englewood to 34th ave, northbound on 34th ave to Fruitvale. Route 7, Is going on 34th Fruitvale southbound to Englewood westbound to 40th ave. resume route.


Route 4, 34th and Fairbanks to 34th and Englewood northbound to Fruitvale. resume route.


Route 3, goes up to 34th and Englewood northbound to Riverroad. resume route.


Routes 2 & 5 will not be servicing 64th and Washington to 72nd and Nob Hill.


Route 2, will be servicing 72nd Nob Hill eastbound on Nob Hill.resume route.


Route 7 and 9 from Washington to 40th and Washington is open.


Expect delays.