Commuter Bus FAQs

Do I need to make a reservation?

No. To ride the Commuter Bus, simply wait at a bus stop and board when the bus arrives.

Do I need to buy a ticket in advance?

No. You can pay $5 cash into the farebox upon boarding the bus for a one-way trip.

Can I take my bike on the Commuter Bus?

Yes! Commuter buses are equipped with undercarriage storage. Ask the driver for assistance if you would like to utilize bike storage, free of charge.

Where can I buy Commuter Bus passes?

Monthly passes and one way tickets are available at Yakima Transit Center, Yakima Public Works, Yakima City Hall, Yakima Valley College (YVC), Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce, and the CWU Wildcat Shop.

Does the Commuter Bus operate on weekends?

No. The Commuter Bus operates Monday – Friday only.

Can I use the Commuter Bus to travel between Yakima and Selah?

Yes! The Commuter Bus will offer bus service between Yakima and Selah for $1 per ride. Yakima Transit bus passes will also be accepted for Transit riders trying to get between these cities.

Is there WiFi available on the Commuter Bus?

No. The commuter bus does not have WiFi.

Can service be delayed or cancelled due to poor weather conditions?

Yes. If road closures or unsafe weather conditions prevent the Commuter Bus from operating, service will be delayed or cancelled. Notification of delays or cancellations will be posted to the homepage, Twitter (@yakimatransit), and Facebook. You can also sign up for email alerts to be notified directly.

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