Cash Fare

Exact fare, please. Drivers cannot make change. Cash goes into the fare box at the time you board. If you are riding with a Monthly Pass, just show it to the driver when you board.

One-way fare

Adults — age 18 and over $1.00
Youths — age six to 17 $0.75
Reduced fare* — Persons 62 and over, or disabled $0.50
Pre-Schoolers — under six with an adult FREE
Transfers (see Transfer policy below) FREE

Monthly pass

Adults — age 18 and over $25
Youths — age six to 17 $18
Reduced fare* — Persons 62 and over, or disabled $9
Pre-Schoolers — under six with an adult FREE
Transfers (see Transfer policy below) FREE

*If you are applying for a Reduced Fare ID, because of a disability, a Medicare card is required. A Reduced Fare ID card is required to obtain the reduced fare price either on the bus or when purchasing a pass or ticket.

Monthly passes are good for unlimited rides on all bus routes during the entire month printed on the pass.

Monthly passes may be purchased at the following locations:

Yakima Transit Center  M-F 8am-5pm
Fourth Street and Chestnut
Route Number: ALL

Yakima City Hall Treasurer’s Office  M-F 8am-5pm
129 North Second Street
Route Number: 1, 7 or 9

Yakima Senior Center   M-F 8am-5pm
Harman Center at Gailleon Park
101 North 65th Avenue
Route Number: 1

City of Yakima Public Works  M-F 8am-5pm
2301 Fruitvale Boulevard
Route Number: 3, 4, 7 or 9

YVCC Bookstore
Hopf Union Building
Corner of 16th Avenue and West Nob Hill Boulevard
Route Number: 2, 3, 4 or 5

People for People
302 West Lincoln Avenue
Route Number: 1, 3 or 4

Reduced fare

People with a permanent or temporary disability who have been issued a Medicare card or age 62 years or older who have in his/her possession a reduced fare ID card are eligible for reduced fares.  Applications for Reduced Fare are available online or at Yakima Public Works (2301 Fruitvale Blvd.), or call Yakima Transit (575-6175) and we will mail a form upon request.

Pass by mail

If you would rather order your Monthly Bus Passes, 40-Ride Bus Ticket Books, or Dial-A-Ride Tickets by mail, pick up a Pass By Mail brochure on any bus or call Yakima Transit at 575-6175 and ask to have a Pass By Mail brochure mailed to you.


A transfer is a special pass which allows you to ride another bus without charge. Yakima Transit’s new Transfer policy was designed to enable people to ride the bus more often without paying additional fares. Transfers are good for one ride on any bus, on any route (except on the Yakima-Ellensburg Commuter), during one of three time periods each day.

Morning transfers will be valid until 9:15 am.
Mid-day transfer tickets will be honored from 8:45 am to 3:15 pm.
Afternoon/evening transfer tickets will be in effect from 2:45 pm until the end of the service.

The time you board the bus will determine which transfer you will receive. Make sure you get a transfer when you pay your fare if you will be riding the bus again during that time period. Now you can do those quick trips without having to pay another bus fare!

Riding the bus

Buses go places by route numbers If you know which route you want to take, check the route map to find which streets the bus travels.

Have your bus fare ready.  You will need the exact amount.  The operators do not carry change. Place your fare in the farebox located just inside the bus door or show your pass to the operator.

Yakima Transit has over 700 bus stops located throughout the City of Yakima. Generally these bus stops are located every two blocks along each bus route. The bus stop is marked by a Yakima Transit Stop Sign. If you don’t know where the closest bus stop is to your location, we will be happy to help you locate the closest one.

Buses will stop for you If you’re waiting at a bus stop, stand facing the bus and signal the driver that you’d like him to stop. When you’re on the bus and you want to get off, pull the cord or press the strip above the window one block before the bus approaches your stop. Please exit from the rear doors of the bus to leave room for people getting on. If you aren’t sure where your stop is or need a transfer, ask the driver to call it out. Our drivers will do their best to help.

Buses are made for sitting and standing If seats are available, please make yourself comfortable. If all the seats are occupied, move back away from the doors. There are poles throughout for you to hold onto. If you’re riding with small children, please hold them securely.

The seats at the front of every bus are priority seating for seniors and disabled riders.  Please be courteous.

Lost and Found

Call the information office at (509) 575-6175 during normal business hours.  Be prepared to tell us the route name and number and the date and time you were riding. Any items found will be kept at the Dispatch Office located at the Public Works building. Found items are typically turned into the Transit Ticket Window at the Downtown Transit Center, feel free to check with the attendant there first.  Articles are generally kept for one week and then donated to a local charity. Yakima Transit is not responsible for any lost personal property.