Message from the Manager

Welcome to Yakima Transit. As the manager of Yakima Transit, my job is to make sure Yakima Transit provides the most efficient, effective service to as many people as possible within jurisdictional limits.

Yakima Transit provides fixed-route (bus), paratransit (Dial A Ride), vanpool, and commuter (Yakima-Ellensburg Commuter) services in the city of Yakima and under contract to the city of Selah.

Yakima Transit operates 19 fixed-route buses at maximum service along 9 different routes. At peak performance, as many as 20 vanpool vans are on the road. On an average day, there are roughly 25 different paratransit vehicles moving passengers with special needs. And for the Commuter, there are two buses operating in opposite directions between Yakima and Ellensburg transporting people to work, college, social services, or just to allow them to visit with someone else in a neighboring town.

I know that all of the employees at Yakima Transit take great pride in being able to provide such a great service to our community.

To service you better, Yakima Transit is in the process of upgrading several key pieces of technology on the buses including upgrading the wifi, switching to a live camera system, and moving to a better passenger counting system that will allow us to more accurately determine where service should be provided.

In 2016, Yakima Transit will be replacing several older vehicles to reduce breakdowns and improve the quality of service.

Yakima Transit strives to provide the most accessible information including printing bus books, providing real-time bus-location data on our iBus phone application, maintaining our Next Arrival kiosk at the Transit Center, and providing phone support during fixed-route hours of operation.

Our passenger’s needs and safety are the number one priority. Please let us know how we can serve you better. We appreciated your support and ridership.



Alvie Maxey

Transit Manager

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