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Thousands of people across Washington State have decided that sharing the ride to work makes sense with big savings!

Vanpool is an excellent transportation program designed for people with long commutes. Not only can you save money, but Yakima Transit Vanpool offers a comfortable, relaxed ride to work or school. Vanpool drivers are fellow commuters, responsible for collecting monthly fees and driving the vehicle. In return they may ride free or for a reduced fare. All Yakima Vanpools have to begin or end in the Greater Yakima area.

Monthly fares vary. For example, a vanpool on a five-day workweek schedule riding in a vanpool with 10 riders, from Yakima to Toppenish, (forty-four mile round trip) costs only $66.58 per person per month! The monthly charges are shared, so the more riders per van the less the cost, or vice versa, fewer riders in the van increase the shared cost.

Yakima Transit will help get your vanpool going! We provide the vehicle, insurance, fuel and all the maintenance to keep your van running in tip-top shape, as a rider you pay only the monthly fare and help keep the van clean.

Vanpool Rate Charts:

If you are interested in learning more about vanpool, contact Yakima Transit at 575-6175.
Or contact:
Kelly Darbyson, Community Transportation Coordinator, at, 509-576-6423

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Vanpool Interest Application

  • By Signing you are agreeing to the Yakima Transit Vanpool Participant Agreement. The agreement is listed above under the Document Links.
    (All Vanpool participants are also considered a Rider)